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How to Get Along
with Absolutely ANYONE!
Stop The Cycle and Implement Lasting Change For a More STRESS-FREE life.
JUNE 12, 2019 at 10:00 am MDT
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What You Will Learn At This FREE Webinar
secret #1
How to have a GREAT relationship with ANYONE without them changing a thing.
secret #2
How have an AWESOME relationship
secret #3
How to TAKE RESPONSIBILITY for your actions in a way that you are PROUD TO BE YOU.
Meet Your Host
Connie Atkisson
Connie Atkisson, Certified Life Coach
Life coaching tools coupled with Christ's teachings provide the perfect combination
that allow me to govern my life.
Through life coaching, I have learned (and now teach others) to stop being the
victim of life's circumstance and is how I changed everything about my life without
anyone else changing a thing. By managing my thoughts about life's circumstances,
I found my power and I created the change I wanted in my life.
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